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  • A day Red Cohort

    Valley Cottage School
  • B day Blue Cohort

    Valley Cottage School
  • C day

    Valley Cottage School
  • D day

    Valley Cottage School
  • End 1st Trimester

    Valley Cottage School
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Please contact the VCE PTA any time by speaking to an officer or any member, or by e-mailing your thoughts to:

Co-President:  Shannon Bender (845) 548-1673; Email:

Co-President:  Steve Leiser  (267) 617-7321; Email:

Vice President: Devon Cooney  (613) 431-2024; Email:

Treasurer:  Christine Edmonds  (845) 548-7176; Email:

Recording Secretary: Raven Geraghty; Email:

Corresponding Secretary: Erica Finnegan; Email: