Jessica Misla, Coordinator

Speaks Spanish/Hablo Español

Phone: (845) 353-7291


Hours:    Monday - Thursday  9:00 am - 3:00 pm







VCE Family Resource Center Announcements

  • Your Child May Be Eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch!

    If so, you must fill out and submit an application immediately, even if your child received free lunch last year.  Just call or stop by for assistance.

    Valley Cottage Family Resource Center
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    Please take a look at our FRC Monthly Newsletter to stay up to date on all school and FRC events, outreach, and more! 


    Valley Cottage Family Resource Center
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The Family Resource Center (FRC) is here for ALL families.  Please stop by or call if you have any questions or concerns: 845-353-7291

Please feel free to call the Family Resource Center if you have any questions, concerns or would like community resource information.

Parent involvement in school has been shown to be an important factor in academic success.  The Valley Cottage Elementary School Family Resource Center offers many programs and services for children and families.  We invite you to stop in anytime!

  • Preschool Story Hours
  • Free Books
  • 5th grade Girl's Circle/Boy's Council
  • Parenting workshops
  • Give and Take Books
  • Family Fun evening programs
  • Drop in Support
  • Connections to school and community resources
  • Health and Wellness programs and information
  • Kindergarten readiness programs



International Night 2019

Donation Station

DONATION STATION is a service provided by all Nyack Family Resource Centers to help families with specific items in times of great need or crisis.  For example: school supplies, clothing, book bags, and furniture.  

This project is aimed at matching specific needs anonymously.

The way it works is this: when the Family Resource Center hears about a child or family needing something, it will send out an email to all parents who have volunteered to be on this list. Whoever has the needed item, will hit “reply all” and let everyone know that they’ve got it covered and bring in the item to the Center.

Please feel free to contact the Center if you either need donations or if you would like to be on the list. Please email me at

Jessica Misla:  Coordinator  - Telephone  (845) 353-7291
email: -

Estación de Donación es un servicio  provisto por todos los Centros de Recursos Para Familias de Nyack para ayudar a las familias con artículos específicos de forma anónima en momentos de gran necesidad o crisis. Por ejemplo: materiales escolares, ropa, mochilas y muebles.

La forma en que funciona es la siguiente: cuando el Centro de recursos de la familia se entere de un niño o una familia que necesitan algo, enviará un mensaje de correo electrónico a todos los padres que se han ofrecido como voluntarios para estar en esta lista.  Quien tiene el elemento necesario, hace clic en "responder a todos" e informará a todos que lo tienen cubierto y lo llevará al Centro.

No dude en ponerse en contacto con el Centro si necesita donaciones o si desea estar en la lista. Por favor envíeme un correo electrónico a

 Jessica Misla: Coordinadora (845) 353-7291




  • The Rockland 21C is a non-profit organization, founded in 1996, that provides best practices, professional development and FRC coordinator support and training.  The Rockland 21C supports FRC programs in Rockland’s eight school districts, Rockland BOCES, teacher centers, colleges, government and business leaders, as well as numerous public and private agencies.  The Rockland 21C is the very first organization in the nation to develop a county-wide 21C model.    


  • The results of a 2016 United Way focus group on growing and emerging needs in education, income and health in Rockland County identified the Family Resource Center as a SOLUTION to the barriers that prevent Rockland County residents from having their needs met and/or accessing existing services!   
  • Nyack FRCs rank 1st in the county with the number of basic needs and social service requests answered, reflecting the strong relationships they have built with the community.
  • Nyack FRCs lead the county in family and community engagement programming, welcoming parents and encouraging involvement in their children’s learning.