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  • Please read two letters from Principal Cappiello for September.

    Valley Cottage School
  • UPDATE TO WATER TESTING: September 12, 2016 Letter from Dr. Montesano Reviews Water Testing in Our Schools' Drinking Water

    Emailed District-wide on 9/12/16 to all District families and staff, this letter includes a review for next steps that our District will take to continue to be in compliance with Governor Cuomo's newly signed law requiring all NYS public schools test for lead in potable (drinking) water.  Please read this letter for the latest details.  An earlier letter sent by Dr. Montesano on 9/6/16, is also attached.  The District is committed to providing up-to-date information to our community on this important topic.

  • Our Board of Education takes their annual First Day Back to School Tour of each building...

    Every year on the first day of school, Members of the Board of Ed take a tour with Dr. Montesano to officially welcome everyone into a new school year.  We hope that everyone has had a smooth and successful re-entry into school with a positive mindset.  Your Board of Education, Principals and Administrators are working hard to ensure that we continue learning together!  Check out photos of the 2016/17 Back to School Tour on Spotlight.

  • NEW Media Release Opt-Out Form

    Please note that the District has a new Media Release/Opt Out Form that is included in the summer mailings from each school to all families.  Parents/Guardians who do not wish their child's photograph to be featured on our new websites should check the appropriate boxes on this form and send it back to their child's school by September 26th, 2016

  • Welcome to Nyack Public Schools ALL NEW websites!

    Please peruse and note that over the next few weeks we will be making the last few edits and additions as we finalize the transition and prepare all the new sites for the new school year. Thank you for your patience!

  • Our NEW 2016-17 District Calendar is HERE!

    The calendar will be mailed to all District families on August 11th. PLEASE NOTE: the Free & Reduced Lunch Forms are stapled as an insert to the center of your calendars. Click below to view the calendar online.

  • Please see attached for grade-level supply lists.

    Valley Cottage School
  • Welcome to Valley Cottage School!

    We are in the process of transferring our current sites over to the brand new eChalk platform. Please check back soon to access resources, announcements and upcoming events.

    Valley Cottage School

Message from the Principal


Mrs. Gina Cappiello


Dear VCE Families,

 It is with great pleasure that we welcome you and your child into our VCE family for the 2016-2017 school year.  As we learn and work together we will also be building important skills for a lifetime of curiosity and growth. These include content mastery, communication, collaboration, cultural awareness, critical thinking, compassion and creativity. Learning can often be a messy process, where initial failures are really just first attempts in learning. VCE students know that we get smart when we work hard. We will continue the work we began last year in developing growth mindsets; work that is grounded in the research of Carol Dweck. A growth mindset is the belief that we can learn anything with support, hard work, and thoughtful strategic instruction. Children with a growth mindset outperform children who do not think of themselves and their learning this way.

The way we support this work in our classroom is by intentionally teaching ways of thinking about ourselves and our learning. This year, we will be teaching your children the concepts of:

OPTIMISM: The belief that no matter the obstacle, we have the power and possibility to overcome it.

RESILIENCE: The ability to bounce back from setbacks and frustrations and learn from them when they happen.

PERSISTENCE: The habit of trying something more than once, or sticking with something through the hard parts.

FLEXIBILITY: The knowledge that there are multiple ways to solve any problem, and the skills to strategically solve it.

EMPATHY: The ability to understand feelings and other people’s points of view; a fundamental aspect of a healthy child and a healthy community.


As we learn more about these big ideas, we will think about ways to use self-talk, self stories, goal setting, and reflection to reinforce and support these positive habits of mind. Stay tuned for that work as it unfolds.


As in all things, you are our greatest partners, and so we invite you on this journey with us!  Here are some ways you can support and connect with your child over these big ideas:

  • Share your own stories. Talk with your child about times you showed empathy or were flexible.
  • Listen in on your own self talk and refine it. Be mindful of saying things like “I can’t” as in “I can’t put together this furniture!” Instead try, “This feels hard, but I am going to take a break and try it a different way to see if that helps!”
  • Read with your child and talk about the ways characters are acting in regard to these habits of mind.
  • Read more about this! At the end of this letter you will find a list of links to articles and titles. Most are short and (hopefully) interesting, and can give you some of the background about the work we’re doing.


Please mark your calendars for Back-to-School Night on Thursday, September 15th at 7:00 pm.  I look forward to welcoming new and returning members of the VCE family. As always, feel free to contact us with questions, comments, and concerns. I am confident that as we set forth on this journey together, our children will be the true beneficiaries



 Gina Cappiello

 For More Information:


Upcoming Events (scroll through)

  • D day

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  • A day

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  • 2nd Annual Hall of Fame Ceremony

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  • B day

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  • Homecoming Parade & Game

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We're here for you!

⇒ The PTA at Valley Cottage sponsors field trips and programs for students throughout the school year. For more information, please call PTA Co-Presidents.  Visit VCE.PTA on Facebook for any PTA matters.

Kristy Christiano  (845) 323-1451         Email:

Christine Edmonds (845) 548-7176     Email:

The PTA vows to incorporate a management team approach, where all officers are included in planning and decision-making and duties are divided evenly across the team for greatest efficiency. 

Please note the following program information: The PTA at Valley Cottage sponsors field trips and programs for students throughout the school year. Special assemblies are arranged to give our students an enriching cultural experience. Your support of the PTA and its programs is greatly needed. For further information, please view the PTA Directory for contact persons and numbers (to be updated soon).

We have a Family Resource Center in our building with Julie Kassel and Joanne Wallace as the Valley Cottage Coordinators. They can be reached at 353-7291. Please visit the center designed to meet the needs of the parents in our school.  Or click on the Family Resource Center Quick Link, located on this page.

⇒ The JCC-Beyond the Bell of Rockland conducts an after-school child care program until 6:00PM daily.  For more information, please call Monica Rosenbaum, JCC, Director of Children’s Programs, at (845) 362-4400 ext.111.