Message from the Principal: Mrs. Gina Cappiello

Dear VCE Families,

Recently, Clarkstown PD Officer and VCE DARE Officer Norm Peters presented a workshop on Internet Safety that was extremely valuable. I wanted to share some of what was presented that evening. As a parent, I thought I was rather savvy regarding issues surrounding internet safety and cyber-bullying. I learned that evening that there was much I didn’t know. Greater numbers of students - even elementary students have access to social media and play interactive games online. The number of hours children spend in front of electronic screens is growing. Young students often have a false sense of anonymity associated with social media posts and have learned to create “fake” accounts. Cyber bullying is on the rise. As parents and guardians, we would never send our children into a room with a stranger. How can we be sure that our children are not visiting with strangers or sharing personal information with strangers online?  The “stranger danger” conversations we have with our children need to include learning more about the internet, interactive games and social media. Please take a moment to visit the sites below to learn more about the websites and apps your children may be using and what you as a parent can do to help keep your child safe:

If you have questions or are interested in further information, please give me a call. We look forward to seeing our VCE families at many of our upcoming events this spring. Thank you for sharing your children with us each day.


Mrs. Gina Cappiello, Principal

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